Creating focused strategic engagement solutions and highly successful impact through events, programs, and community initiatives.



Feil Management Solutions has three core objectives for its clients:

  • Establish an organizational-wide understanding of mission success
  • Performance of a comprehensive program and operational audit to assess current areas of success and opportunities for growth and mission success
  • Develop and integrate solutions based upon the principles of social capital and strategic engagement



With a focus on creating truly impactful outcomes for our clients, the work of Feil Management Solutions will always be based upon these philosophies:

Honesty and Integrity
Beyond organizational reputation and brand, creating a culture of honesty and integrity is crucial to delivering mission success, empowering your team, and engaging clients and stakeholders for the long-term.

Achieving Excellence
It is not enough to do better.  Excellence is the only approach a team should want to provide to its audience.

Clear Focus
Losing sight of the destination is the greatest obstacle to success.  Achieving success means keeping both eyes on the ends being achieved.

Empowering Creativity
An organization’s greatest asset are its people.  Create and be an ambassador for creativity in all aspects of organizational management, program delivery, and achieving mission success.

Extending the Box
Thinking outside the box is not really outside-the-box thinking.

Every outside-the-box solution must become the new standard; the box is ever-extending, ever-expanding, and a transformative management team understands that a culture of extending the box on a daily basis will allow for true success to be achieved.